Merry Christmas! (I’m okay!)

Some of you have reached out to me to make sure I’m ok since I haven’t updated in a while. Thank you for your concern! What an age we live in that lack of blog posts can lead to such concerns! All is well in our neck of the woods (apart from the usual Christmas stresses).

I have not posted resource suggestions/prayers mainly because there is a plethora of resources available for the Christmas season and a great deal of variety in how churches celebrate the season. My context, for instance, always has two candlelight services on Christmas Eve; a fairly normal service on Christ day; and a service of lessons and carols on Christmas 1. A neighboring church  does a carol-based worship service on Christmas Eve…you get the idea. So I decided I’d simply do my own thing and avoid the extra work of providing worship resources that I may not actually use and since there are already plenty available on these readings/the season.

I am sorry I didn’t forewarn you though. If you were looking for resources from me, I let you down and will try to be better about communicating my future intentions to you who use this site so as to avoid that disappointment! Have a blessed Christ’s Mass and a joyous New Year! I will resume crafting worship resources and prayers for January 8th.

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