Thanksgiving for the Word

I’m back! Since I’ve been off of the Narrative Lectionary for the summer (sort of), I haven’t been updating this blog. I will be resuming regular updates soon. The parish I serve participates in God’s Work. Our Hands. Sunday, so we do a simple prayer service before going out to do service projects in our community. So I don’t have resources for this upcoming Sunday. However, I will be posting resources for September 16th later today. In the meantime, my parish only does Holy Communion twice a month, so I have written a Thanksgiving for the Word using the NL texts for the next couple of months as inspiration. I followed a similar format to the Thanksgiving for the Word ( subscription required to open the previous link) found in the ELW.

Thanksgiving for the Word

Let us pray.

By your Word you judged the wickedness of a fallen humanity,
you sent your cleansing flood to restore creation,
you brought Noah and the ark safely through the raging waters and
established a new covenant marked by a great bow in the sky.
For your just and restorative Word, O God,
we give you thanks and praise.

By your Word you established a great covenant with Abraham,
you promised to remain with him and his descendants and
to bless all the world through him.
For your faithful and eternal Word, O God,
we give you thanks and praise.

By your Word you continually rescue your people,
you strengthened Joseph in his trials and
shepherded your people Israel out of the house of their slavery.
For your trustworthy Word, O God,
we give you thanks and praise.

By your Word you provided the gift of the Law,
you equip us with order and justice,
you bring harmony and shalom into our brokenness.
For your Word of peace, O God,
we give you thanks and praise.

By your Word you call leaders and prophets,
you open our eyes to the error or our ways,
you grant wisdom and vision to your people and
bring healing of body, mind, spirit, and community.
For your Word of shalom, O God,
we give you thanks and praise.

By your Word made flesh, Jesus Christ,
you direct our path and open our hearts to your reign,
you draw near to us in Christ and break in to our reality
with the joy and peace of your rule.
For your Word with us, O God,
we give you thanks and praise.

Work in us, O God,
through your creative, faithful, just, forgiving, and powerful Word.
Being steeped in your Word, make us proclaimers of it and
send your Spirit to direct us in the way of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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