On Vacation

I generally don’t provide much by way of resources for Christmas, as there is already a plethora of material available (one of my favorites is re:Worship). And I traditionally take the week after Christmas as vacation to spend time with family; so I won’t be providing resources for Christmas 1 either. I will resume updating with a post for Epiphany the Wednesday before and work to get back on my two-week-out schedule following that. Have a Blessed Christmas!!

PS – So as I was preparing a hymn-sign service for December 30th I realized there is not a lot out there for Matthew 1:1-17. So I wrote an opening litany for that Sunday:

On the precipice of a New Year we cast our thoughts to the past,
we give thanks for all the saints who have gone before us in faith.

Our stories are the continuation of countless stories before us,
may our lives of faith continue on in those who follow after us.

As we reflect this day on the ancestors of Jesus,
ordinary people involved in God’s extraordinary gift of salvation,
we pray that God use ordinary us in sharing that gift with the world.

And just as many named in Christ’s genealogy were outsiders and outcasts,
and others were kings, priests, and leaders;
may we see you at work in both the lowly and the mighty,
and may our worship this day join with theirs in reflecting your glory.

Christ has come, breaking into our broken reality,
break into us, O Christ, and keep us in your Way. Amen.

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