Episode 51 – Baptism of Our Lord

Baptism of Our Lord (NL321)

Color: White
Closest RCL Sunday(s): Baptism of Our Lord C
Psalm Text: Psalm 51:6-17
Sermon Text: Luke 3:1-22
Other Text Suggestions: Isaiah 43:1-7Acts 8:14-17
Prayer of the Day (WP): Heavenly Father, with joy and awe we praise you for claiming us as your sons and daughters, and for pouring your Holy Spirit upon us. Help us to prepare this earth for your glory, and shine your light on all your faithful children, for the sake of the one whose birth and baptism brought renewal and transformation to this world, Jesus Christ. AmenHelpful Resources: re:WorshipSermonWriterRevGalPalsTextWeekBibleHubWord&World

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