An update on the future of this blog.

So, my big news is that I have taken a new call out in Virginia (MN winters got too cold!). The congregation I will be serving uses the RCL (I may try to talk them into trying the NL at some point). Despite that, I am only 4 months away from having written/curated resources for all four years of the NL cycle. Since I have just a few months left, I intend to finish this project. Then, over the summer I will reorganize this blog so that it is easier to find the NL resources. I will also be contemplating what direction to take this site once I’ve completed the NL cycle I’m working on. I would welcome suggestions from you all as to what kind of resources you would like to get from me (I have written several VBS curricula for instance). Feel free to leave a comment or email me any thoughts/suggestions!

3 thoughts on “An update on the future of this blog.

  1. Blessings on your new call in a much warmer part of the world!

    Just a note of gratitude. Thank you for all your work on these liturgies. They have been incredibly helpful to our congregation and everyone using the Narrative Lectionary.


  2. I pray your move goes well – we have family in Richmond and friends in Goochland County. These pages are tremendous and complement those from Luther seminary, wordtoworship etc. I find one of the chief obstacles to persuading preachers and worship leaders to buy in to NL is the plethora and prevalence of RCL materials.


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