POLITICS & ECONOMICS: An example of “liberalism” vs left-wing.

The article on the left illustrates “liberalism” – it is showing concern for an issue (racism) in a way that will effect little actual change to racist systems. It argues that somehow if we correct our language (thought police) we will eliminate racism and racist systems. This is absurd, better (read: equal) distribution of resources will 100% address racism and racists systems. Better distribution of resources is a left-wing idea (NOT A LIBERAL ONE), and as you will see, Apple is not left-wing. This liberalism also serves to rile up both “sides” of the culture wars which operate very well as a distraction from the real issues (mainly income inequality and rising fascism) that are negatively impacting the VAST MAJORITY  of people’s lives.

The article on the right illustrates “right-wing” economic policies. Apple relies heavily on forced (nearly slave) labor and thus lobbies against laws that prohibit it. Such “free, unregulated market” capitalism is a right-wing belief.

Apple is absolutely a liberal AND right-wing company. Most corporations are. This is neoliberalism and it controls both the Democratic and Republican parties. Nothing will change until money is removed from politics and more political parties become viable options in our political system.

No party but the labor party. No war but the class war.

A New Direction

I have found myself blessed to have had the opportunity lately to do a lot of work on my spirituality in the last year or so. I have been guided in this by some beautiful mentors including Richard Rohr, Thomas Merton, Julian of Norwich, Dorothy Day, Ian Cron, Suzanne Stabile, Joan Chittister, and many others. I have grown in my relationship with my wife in deep and powerful ways. I have become a far better father than I even thought I’d be capable of; certainly more patient and loving then I ever knew how to be before. I owe much of this growth in spirituality and self understanding to the Enneagram and would welcome any and all inquiries you might have about that tool. As my spirituality and theology have grown so too has my political understanding as well. I find myself increasingly radicalized. My faith can allow no less than a complete overhaul of most of our political and economic systems. I understand the USA to be a captured political system that is essentially an oligarchy. The only way to fix this is to undo Citizens United and get all money out of politics. I also understand both the Democratic and Republican parties to captured by neoliberal/neoconservative right-wing interests whose primary purpose is to distract the population with culture wars while ensuring the wealthy, landed (frankly, nobility) class remains in power.

I have also come to understand that one of the ways my “personality” (I am an ONE on the Enneagram) exerts itself is in a desire to understand problems in order to fix them and then share that understanding/solution with others. Guess what the new direction this blog is going to be going in is? 🙂 Going forward, this will be a place for me to share what I am learning about the Enneagram, theology, parenting, relationships, pastoring, politics, economics, and the intersection of these things. I will, at some point, better organize the Narrative Lectionary resources in a clearly labeled section of this site. I will also try to clearly organize and label the topics of my various posts so you can peruse what you might be more interested in and ignore other things (though if I challenge you, don’t ignore that!).