Episode 53 – Fish for People

3rd Sunday after Epiphany NL323: Fish for People

Color: Green
Closest RCL Sunday(s): Epiphany 5C
Psalm Text: Psalm 90:14-17
Sermon Text: Luke 5:1-11
Other Text Suggestions: Isaiah 6:1-8, (9-13)1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Prayer of the Day (WP): Lord Jesus of fisher folk, you taught your disciples to cast a wide net — not for fish, but for people. Teach us the fishing craft. Make our fingers nimble so we may handle hearts and hands gently; make our minds quiet and patient while we wait for those who are not yet ready to receive you; and make our hearts hungry for your word, for the sake of the one who has captured our hearts already, Jesus Christ. Amen.
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Episode 52 – Sermon at Nazareth

Sermon at Nazareth (NL322)

Color: Green
Closest RCL Sunday(s): Epiphany 3CEpiphany 4C
Psalm Text: Psalm 146
Sermon Text: Luke 4:14-30
Other Text Suggestions: Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-101 Corinthians 12:12-31a
Prayer of the Day (WP): God of the nations, show us how to love all the people of the earth, of all colors and kinds: those with technology and without; those who make due with very little and who use many resources; those with formal education and without; those who call upon your name and who do not; so that all your children may be glorified in the name of the One who brought glory and liberty, Jesus Christ our salvation. Amen.
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Episode 51 – Baptism of Our Lord

Baptism of Our Lord (NL321)

Color: White
Closest RCL Sunday(s): Baptism of Our Lord C
Psalm Text: Psalm 51:6-17
Sermon Text: Luke 3:1-22
Other Text Suggestions: Isaiah 43:1-7Acts 8:14-17
Prayer of the Day (WP): Heavenly Father, with joy and awe we praise you for claiming us as your sons and daughters, and for pouring your Holy Spirit upon us. Help us to prepare this earth for your glory, and shine your light on all your faithful children, for the sake of the one whose birth and baptism brought renewal and transformation to this world, Jesus Christ. AmenHelpful Resources: re:WorshipSermonWriterRevGalPalsTextWeekBibleHubWord&World

Episode 50 – The Boy Jesus in the Temple

2nd Sunday of Christmas (NL320)
Color: White/Gold
Closest RCL Sunday(s): Christmas 1C
Psalm Text: Psalm 2
Sermon Text: Luke 2:41-52 (Boy in the Temple)
Other Text Suggestions: 1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26Colossians 3:12-17
Prayer of the Day (WP): God of all learning, when the boy, Jesus, stayed in the temple to learn from the elders, it was the elders who in turn learned from him. Teach us, Lord, as you have taught others, and grant us wisdom and willingness to learn. Amen.
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Episode 49 – Jesus’ Birth Announced

Psalm Text: Psalm 113
Sermon Text: Luke 1:26-45 [46-56] (Jesus’ Birth Announced)
Other Text Suggestions: Micah 5:2-5aHebrews 10:5-10
Prayer of the Day (WP): Father God, there is no miracle as grand as birth. As we prepare for the coming of your son, Jesus, create in us new life. Transform us so that we may reflect the light of your son, and become beacons of goodness, kindness, compassion, generosity, honesty, patience, and peace, for the sake of the one whose name brings deliverance and life to all the world, Jesus Christ, infant king. Amen.
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Episode 48 – Spirit of the Lord Upon Me

Gospel Text: Luke 4:16-21
Sermon Text: Isaiah 61:1-11 (Spirit of the Lord Upon Me)
Other Text Suggestions: Psalm 1261 Thessalonians 5:16-24
Prayer of the Day (WP): Spirit of the Lord God, you bring good news to the oppressed, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and release the prisoners. You comfort all who mourn, and shower your people with the oil of gladness instead of mourning; a mantle of praise instead of a faint spirit. We will greatly rejoice in the Lord, our whole being shall exult in God, for the sake of the one who brought righteousness to life, Jesus Christ our salvation. Amen.
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Episode 47 – Promise of the Spirit

Gospel Text: Luke 11:13
Sermon Text: Joel 2:12-13, 28-29 (Joel: God’s Promised Spirit)
Other Text Suggestions: Psalm 652 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18
Prayer of the Day (WP): Loving Lord, when we have strayed, you have called us to come home to you. “Return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning; rend your hearts and not your clothing.” With all our hearts we return to you, and gratefully accept your gentle love, for the sake of the one whose spirit lives in us, Jesus Christ our loving savior. Amen.
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Episode 46 – Daniel’s Hope in God

Gospel Text: Luke 23:1-5
Sermon Text: Daniel 6:6-27 (Daniel’s Hope in God)
Other Text Suggestions: Psalm 25Romans 5:1-8
Prayer of the Day (WP): God of deliverance, you rescued Daniel from the mouths of the lions when he was punished for worshiping you. Liberate all who are endangered for the sake of their faith, and rescue us from anything that separates us from worshiping only you, for the sake of the one who made your name known to all people, across land and seas, Jesus Christ, our redeemer. Amen.
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Episode 45 – A New Covenant

Gospel Text: Luke 22:19-20
Sermon Text: Jeremiah 36:1-8, 21-23, 27-28; then 31:31-34
Other Text Suggestions: Psalm 51:1-12; Hebrews 5:5-10
Prayer of the Day (WP): God, whose fondness for humanity knows no limit, write your word upon our hearts, so that we need no scroll, no book, no script to know that you love us. Show us the power of your covenant, that you will be faithful to us, even when we fail to remain faithful to you. For the beauty of your word inscribed upon us, we pray, in the name of the one whose body and blood became your new covenant with us, Jesus Christ, our redeemer. Amen.
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Episode 44 – God Calls Isaiah

Gospel Text: Luke 5:8-10
Sermon Text: Isaiah 6:1-8 (God Calls Isaiah)
Other Text Suggestions: Psalm 29, Romans 8:12-17
Prayer of the Day (WP): King of heaven and earth, as you cleansed Isaiah with a coal of fire to prepare him for proclaiming your word to the world, prepare us, so that we may know your bidding and carry out our callings with eagerness and urgency. Show the world greatness that cannot be contained any more than smoke or fire can be caught, in the name of the one who sacrificed everything to carry out your commands, Jesus Christ our sanctifier. Amen.

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